Laboratory for Molecular Respiratory Carcinogenesis

Main Laboratory Research

  • Host-tumor interactions during malignant pleural effusion formation
  • Interplay between oncogenes and host immunity in thoracic malignancie
  • Epithelial immunome of tumor-initiated respiratory epithelium
  • Impact of the immune system on airway epithelial mutation propagation

The University of Patras is located in Patras, Greece’s third largest city with a metropolitan complex population of about 500000. The University is located on a self-contained campus of about 600 acres, 9 Km away from the city center. The University of Patras was founded in 1964 and has been continuously developing since. It employs 1333 staff, has 17200 undergraduate and 1700 post-graduate registered students, and currently consists of 18 academic departments. The campus also includes the Regional University Teaching Hospital of Western Greece, which functions both as the major regional medical centre and as the major teaching facility for the Faculty of Medicine. The campus houses a large modern conference-exhibition centre and the Research Academic Computer Technology Institute. Patras Science Park  hosting 30 companies, including biotechnology ‘start-ups’, is located nearby.

     The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Patras was established and admitted its first students in 1977.
Approximately 150 medical students graduate each year, while there are over 70 PhD level post-graduate students in the department at any one time.
The Faculty includes some 150 academic members and 45 non-teaching research staff actively involved in both clinical and basic research. The medical complex is located on the campus of the University of Patras, next to the University Hospital, and includes a building with teaching amphitheatres and the medical library, a new 20000 m2, three-storey building where the Division of Basic Sciences is housed (Biomedical Sciences Research Building), while a new building is under construction for the research laboratories of the Clinical Departments (Clinical Sciences Research Building). There are two animal (mainly rodent) housing and experimental facilities based at the Hospital building and the Biomedical Sciences Research Building.
 The Department of Physiology occupies a significant part of the 2nd floor of the Biomedical Sciences Research Building, and is subject to the Division of Basic Medical Sciences II of the Faculty of Medicine. It occupies 1200 m2 surface area and is fully equipped for frontier biomedical research.


The Molecular Respiratory Carcinogenesis Laboratory is situated in Room B40 on the 2nd floor of the Biomedical Sciences Research Building, and is an integral part of the of Laboratory of Physiology. It occupies 55 m2 surface area, is equipped with state-of-the-art scientific, laboratory, and office equipment, and can host the workspace needs of up to ten full-time researcher staff. Tribute to Molecular Respiratory Carcinogenesis Laboratory by the Academic and Research Excellence.